Are You a Start-up Joiner?




What happens when you read news like “21-year-old immigrant makes his first ‘start-up million” or “This founder sold her first start up for $110 million”. Does it make you feel why can’t I have a brilliant idea sold for millions too? Well not really, as it’s not the same as oh films these days are making 200 crores, why not try being an actor or a director?

I’ll make it simple by listing down the typical traits that could solve the question are you ready to be a joiner.

  1. Risk appetite – If you are a person who feels more secure with a pay check at the end of every month, you may not be cut out for a start-up. Most joiners have a good appetite to handle risk.
  2. Flat structure and small team – Most start-ups have a flat organisation, if designations give you a kick and growth means moving up the corporate ladder start-ups would not satisfy that need. A small team enables free exchange of thoughts and ideas which could be a big change and relief from large organisations.
  3. Agile working – The development is very hyper, the entire software development life cycle is handled under very quick decision making and the changes are designed, solutionized, coded, implemented and tested in a go. No major documentation of requirements or a technical solution validation.
  4. Autonomy and decision making – If you are working in a large corporate it may take years to climb the ladder to be a part of management decision making. Start-ups give enormous amount of autonomy and involvement in decision making irrespective of the number of years of experience. On the other side a joiner may just concentrate on her core competence and not bother much about decision making.
  5. No tangible perks – a start-up joiner may have to be patient as it may not offer tangible benefits upfront.
  6. Every one sells – Not a must have for a joiner but I would surely want to go with the option of a joiner having an entrepreneurial drive.

Thus map yourself on these points, opportunities galore and we are fortunate to be in an era that provides us with career options such as these which were a distant dream a decade or two ago.


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